February 2020

This lady medium has now been sitting regularly, alternate weekly, since the Autumn of 2019 with intent for the development of evidential physical mediumship.

This report records some of the phenomena currently being demonstrated with stability:

*The mediums facial features become obscured by an energetic mass that appears to coat, or stand forward from, her facial features.

*The energetic mass forms to present the features of another person.  Faces of both sexes have been clearly seen.

*The medium becomes moved from her chair whilst within a spirit-induced and controlled trance state of semi-consciousness...to slide gracefully from a seated position to the floor without any muscular movement of her physical form.

*The medium becomes moved across the floor by a distance of about 8 inches whilst lying in a prone position and without any muscular movement of her head, torso or limbs.

Development continues : )